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AN (AP)PEAL FOR MORE BELL-RINGERS Have you heard the bells ring out from St Alkmund's Church where the belfry houses one of the finest set of 10 bells the country? Ringers come from all ages and we welcome adults and children alike. Many adults who take it up get to a good standard and, because they usually have transport, are able to get to ringing events themselves. Children don't always have transport, so the ringing for children in Derbyshire is more organised and supervised (including full CRB clearance), offering Duke of Edinburgh accreditation, social events and competing at the annual National Youth Contest. So why not give it a no commitment try? Come along to one of our Tuesday practice nights, aiming to get there between 7:30 and 8:00. We finish at 9:00. Take the small door just inside the west door of the church. There are forty steps to the ringing room and just come straight in, even if we're ringing. Feel free to phone ahead on 841054 for more details... we look forward to seeing you :-) PATTENMAKERS GETS VISIT FROM ON HIGH It was on Thursday 12th March 2015 the Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers visited the Pattenmakers Arms. A delegation from the Institute, led by the Beadle with his staff and the Chairman, arrived at Duffield Station, were greeted by fifty or so residents and members of the Parish Council. They walked from the station,along Town Street, King Street and Crown Street to the Pub, where they were met by the Pub's regulars and the manager Geoff Brooker. Since February's Article in the Duffield Scene, the Action Plan Steering Group has met and agreed the priority projects for the Village. These include: A comprehensive report on the traffic and transport issues of the village to present to the County Council to lobby for improvement Bus Shelter improvement and cycle parking/cycling in the village A review of the car parking in the village and an attempt to bring private car parks into use by the public with a review of the waiting restrictions on Town Street and Chapel Street Investigation as to replacing/reopening the closed public toilets on Chapel Street. More Village Events and better communication of events and village information Development on the Gray Rec. for teenagers and adults A project to engage isolated elderly people   The Plan is currently being drafted and will be available for consultation between 1st April 2015 and 30th April 2015. GREAT START TO SEASON FOR ECCLESBOURNE EQUESTRIANS Ecclesbourne School riders had their first team outing for the season last month and once again triumphed to secure a well sought after place at the National Schools County Championships tobe held at Bury Farm Equestrian Centre in Buckinghamshire later in the this month. HISTORY SEARCH Douglas Appleyard (Dublin, Ireland) is searching for information about Farrah Hall and Lord Scarsdale who lived there in 17 and 1800s. He asks: Are there any extant early photos of Farrah Hall, outside or inside? Are there any good books about the area that might throw some light on the first half of 19th century? Is there anyone who knows of Lord Scarsdale’s employment records? If you assist Douglas in his search, please contact him via this email link.
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