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BANK CLOSURE EASED BY NEW POST OFFICE POWERS Anger villagers, perturbed by the pending loss of Duffield’s one remaining bank - the part-time  amenities  of  the NatWest in Town Street are being closed on January 7th next year - have received some re-assuring  news  from Duffield  Postmaster  Ian Jones. The  fear  of  large  numbers  of Duffield residents that the bank closures would mean journeys to  Belper  /  Derby  to  conduct their finances were dispelled as Ian Jones pointed out that under the widening powers of the Post Office, many aspects of banking are  now  being  handled  by himself  and  his  staff  in  the village centre. Ian  points  out  that  all  basic front-end  banking  now  takes place at the Post Office. Money can be withdrawn Cash paid in Cheques banked Balances obtained Pension payments made Advice given about other transactions. “We cover a pretty wide cross section of banking now - facilities which will soften the loss of our banks and minimise the disruption of the lives of people who live in the area” said the Postmaster. RODNEY’S IMPRESSIVE RUN Do you ever wonder what you will be doing when you are in your 80’s – or maybe you have already reached that milestone? Rodney Wood (81) astounded everyone by coming second in the Carsington Water 8 mile Walk that he RAN - with his running buddy, Richard Morton, for company! Rodney is raising money for cancer research and is determined to continue to run and raise money whilst run he can and is encouraged by his wife Anne, who has been living with cancer for over 12 years. His  total  raised  so  far  is nearly £400 and his online giving site is still open for donations. Please  give  generously  if you can for this important cause. http:/uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/rodneysrun TOP OF THE WORLD Duffield’s Millie Tomlinson is the new world university women’s champion after thrashing top seed Olga Ertlova in the final of the 2014 championships in India. THE CHANGING FACE OF DUFFIELD Work has already started to restore parts of Duffield to its attractive past and provide needed housing as developers, some planning permission granted, get to work. Buildings adjacent to the listed Duffield Hall are already demolished and work is expected to start soon on the former Sunlit Laundry site on the A6 and (subject to planning) on the former Il Forno restaurant area on New Zealand Lane. CONGRATULATIONS MICHELLE Michelle  Rowlands of Broadway, Duffield,  has qualified for the British finals of the National Power Lifting 2015 Championships at the first attempt. Michelle, seen above with benching coach Rafe, the owner of the Riverside Gym at Milford, decided in May to give power lifting a try after specialising in bikini competitions. “I knew I had to gain strength so I have been eating pretty much what I like - totally different to my previous efforts.” “I am hoping I can  keep on improving at power lifting and will be working hard in readiness for next year,” said Michelle. “This is a great achievement for me and I am truly delighted to have got into the national finals. I hope it’s an inspiration  to  lots  of  other mums”
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